The story of Philosophy Blues Original starts in 1994, and since then we have been dedicated to making high quality fashion products. Founded in Denmark, but with an international outlook on design and style.

We have a passion for great workmanship and true creativity. We believe that clothes reflect on who we are, and should be used as a way of strengthing individuality.

Everything we do, we do with attention to detail and love for great wearable fashion. We always aim to make products that will live a long life and keep inspiring our customers.

We are a small, but dedicated organization that appreciates all our partners. We are convinced this is the key to sustaining and expanding our position in the market. But first and foremost we intend to keep making clothing of a high quality and a distinctive design.

All along we have been conscious that a brand can never be better than the product, the management’s visions and the capability of our employees.

In all modesty we are proud to say that we have succeeded despite fierce competition. But our ambitions go further than that. We are always evolving and seeking new opportunities. Therefore we are moving into new markets throughout Europe.

You can shop PBO online and in carefully selected department stores and retailers in Europe.


We believe it is essential to know what you are uniquely good at - and keep doing more of this! We are known for not compromising. This goes for our entire organization and brand. We put our heart and soul into every detail, and we strive to make the best products with distinctive design, great comfort and excellent fit.

Our strongest qualities are making timeless design, that never gets boring. We are not scared to think outside the box and try new things, while always staying true to the PBO spirit. Our strongest products include printed dresses and blouses, suiting, knits and outerwear.

We wish to inspire our customers to be brave and express themselves through fashion. Our brand is based on a vision of a powerful and confident woman, who appreciate feminine details and silhouettes and high quality fabrics and workmanship.


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