A collection inspired by the attack of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Japanese military attacked the American navy on the Island of Hawaii. The collection takes inspiration from traditional Japanese culture, American military references and details/silhouettes from the 1940s. This collection is for the modern warrior woman - strong, powerful, intelligent and independent, but also delicate, feminine and vulnerable.

The prints for this season are mainly inspired by traditional japanese artworks - some
are made from original japanese handdrawn vintage prints, giving the collection a very
authentic look. The japanese prints are very delicate and flowy - contrasting to the strong silhouettes and military referencing details. Light flowy silk and viscose fabrics paired with heavy denim and wool fabrics makes the collection easy to style in a feminine, yet cool and casual way. This season’s silhouttes focus on strong shoulders, fitted waist, high waisted bottoms, long coats to create a strong look. Small details such as puffy sleeves and rufflesgives the silhouettes a feminine twist.

Have a close look of the fall fabrics. Key words are sophisticated with a twist. The collection is filled with a wide range of different types of Italian luxury fabrics, everything from classic check suiting to brushed heavy houndstooth wool. The stand out fabric is a classic check suiting fabric with sequins woven into the fabric - or as we like to call it, the very best of both worlds. Made into a shorts suit - wear it together or individually.

Coats and jackets are the most important items of the season - and in this collection you have a wide range of opportunities. Everything from a warm down quilt jacket, a colourful checked short jacket or a classic polished black fitted coat. All the musthave coats of the season in one collection. Remember to pair with a warm knit for the coldest winter days - layering is key for the fall season because of the unsteady weather. Luckily, layering is key for a good style.

The fall collection is all about taking on the world with confidence. Confidence can be a lot of things - daring to wear something out of your comfort zone, wearing that fancy dress to go grocery shopping or simply daring to be yourself.

We know you can do it.