A collection inspired by the modern woman. We believe that the modern woman is multifaceted - she can do and be everything she desires. Casual and dramatic. Loud and quiet. Feminine or masculine. Elegant and wild. A wild rose in an english garden.

Our pre-spring collection is also multifaceted and has everything you will need for the last of winter and beginning of spring. If you are the type that never wants the party to end, a new sparkly blouse will help you elongate the party vibe long into spring. If you are more into chilling at home during the cold dark winter evenings, we have the perfect lounge sets for all occasions. We also have styles combining the best of both worlds - what about a fluffy knit with diamond buttons, or a tshirt with glittery letters?

Snuggle up with our mix and match cashmere knitwear - you can get a whole matching set. But can also match it with a pair of jeans or a skirt. This is not your average homewear, actually we would say it is a shame to only wear it at home. Use it for long walks, shopping trips, movie nights and cosying up with your friends and family. These styles are also the perfect christmas present for the ones you love.
If you are more of the sporty type, we have the perfect sweat suit for you. Warm sandy colors mixed with gold hardware for an exclusive high end look - even for just laying on the couch. Use the hoodies long into spring under your coat for a sporty and casual look.

The colors of the collection is mix of petroleum and burgundy. The warm sandy tones are the base of the collection, giving it an exclusive look that makes us think of spring coming. The prints of the collection are casual, but different. The check print creating an illusion of a woven check pattern, but on flowy matte silk. If you dare to stand out, choose our printed paisley suit - statement pieces that can also be used individually for a more casual look.

Heavy woolen check coats, gold statement tshirts, leathers shirt with puff shoulders, casual printed dresses and tunics in silk. Mix it with white sneakers, and you have a modern young look ready for spring. Mix it with high heels and you are ready for the late Christmas parties. And when the party is over, you can find the perfect sunday outfit.