A collection inspired by the Islands of The Mediterranean Sea. Get inspired by the slow and relaxed lifestyle of the island culture, get more mindful and don’t be afraid to take some chances with your styling. The turquoise water of Sardinia going from light minty blue colors to deep emerald greens. The long sandy beaches of Rhodos makes us dream of warm and light tone-in-tone outfits mixing off white, sand and brown nuances. Burnt reds and coral tones reminds us of the long summer sunsets and house paints of the small islands. Siesta turns into never ending evenings filled with sangria and long talks with good friends.

Bring The Mediterranean to Scandinavia with a modern city look - mixing long printed dresses with sneakers and a trenchcoat. Pleated skirts with oversize blazers for a feminine yet cool and casual. Dress it up or down, styles that can go from work to late nights - or even from the beach to party. Perfect outfits for the summer parties, that can transcend long into the high summer season too.

Have your print of choice, whether you are into a bold graphic artistic print, bright paisley, delicate flowers or joyous butterfly motifs. Mix it with colored leather styles for a more edgy look.
Fabric qualities range from shiny silk satin to casual cotton/linen fabrics with texture and pattern. Matte silks, shiny heavy viscose satin, ombre handdyed mohair knit, checked suiting with gold lurex, double bonded trench fabric and casual sweatshirt programme. Mix everything, a modern and young styling is key. Mix your sweatpants with a tshirt and an oversize menswear inspired blazer. Or if you are more traditional, mix the pleated ombre skirts with a bold but cosy knit.

This spring collection celebrates the simple joyful life, where enjoyment is in focus at all times. Made to make you feel and look your best. Make sure to enjoy the small things that make life worth living - art, music, people, food and nature. Don’t be afraid to stand out in bold colors, brave styling combinations and be sure to always make your personality show.