A collection inspired by spirituality, meditation and just pure calmness. Being in one with nature and yourself - listening to the wind, birds singing and the water washing in on the shore. Sometimes
a bit of quietness and some time to rewind is all we need to get back into balance. Classic blue tones, that goes from light sky blue to deep navy are beautiful all seasons, and can transcend long into the late summer and early autumn.

Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. It is a very calming color and often symbolize serentity, stability and inspiration. The blue colors are mixed in our beautiful fern print available in both stretchy silk, quilted cotton and transparent viscose. The fern print is a perfect match for both everyday, dinner parties and warm summer days. This print has a natural feeling of calmness and serenity. Hopefully it will make you feel the same, and help you let your shoulders down when wearing.

Our pre-fall collection 2021 is a great mix of styles for all aspects and times of life. Cosy fluffy knits mixed with silk dresses and skirts for the longer nights. Our Eudora jacket is the perfect cute trench coat with that little bit extra with the ruffled hem - this style is a good staple for a classic wardrobe. Wear it long into autumn with jeans and white sneakers. Striped jersey top and dress for the very warm summer days in July and August make it easy to look cool in the heat, but can also be used with a shirt over for a cool and casual look.

Our reversible cotton quilt jacket and vest are perfect for this season, can be used with printed side out for a statement look or with the solid color side out for a more simple look - style the outfit with a matching practical and stylish bag. Perfect size and shape for the essentials on the beach or even a small shopping spree. Under the jacket and vest, style it with one of our casual cotton dresses - we have options in both broderie anglaise and classic blue stripe fabric.

This pre-fall collection is an ode to serenity, and our goal is to help you enjoy summer in the most relaxed way possible. Breathe in - breathe out. The slow life is the good life.